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  • How can customers register their products?
    Registering is easy! Customers can log on to https://members.smartchoicewarranty.comto register their products. They can also call CPS Customer Experience at (800) 905-0443 to complete registration.
  • What will the customer need to register?
    The customer must enter the product category, manufacturer name, model #, serial #, and original purchase price.
  • When does the CPS warranty begin?
    The CPS warranty begins on the date of warranty enrollment, but the coverage begins on day 31 post-enrollment.
  • What happens if the customer reaches the limit of liability?
    ● Per Claim - if the customer’s repair cost exceeds the limit of liability, CPS will reach out to the customer to collect the extra repair costs. If the customer decides not to submit payment - CPS will offer the customer a check for the cost of replacement ● Annual - if the customer’s plan reaches the annual limit of liability, their contract will be closed for claims filing until the 1st year is completed. Customers will then be able to file new claims at the start of the next year (as long as their warranty membership is active).
  • How does the customer file a claim?
    Customers can simply file a claim by logging into their CPS Affinity Account at: They can also call CPS Customer Experience at 1-800-905-0443 or emails to file a claim.
  • What will the customer need to file a claim?
    A fully registered CPS product and the details of their claim.
  • Who will repair the customer’s product?
    ● Mail-In (Prepaid) Coverage - At the time of claim, the customer will be instructed to mail their product into CPS for repairs or to bring it to a local repair center for service. ● In-Home Coverage - At the time of claim, CPS will assign a local manufacturer-authorized repair center to diagnose and repair the product at the customer’s home.
  • For Mail-In (Prepaid) Coverage, who pays for shipping to the repair facility at the time of claim?
    If Prepaid Shipping is covered under the product category, and the customer is in the US, CPS will provide them with a free shipping label to send their product to the repair center.
  • Does CPS charge deductibles at the time of claim?
    Yes, the customer will be charged a low deductible at the time of claim. Deductibles are clearly listed in the customer’s online account.
  • What happens if the product cannot be repaired?
    If the product cannot be repaired, CPS will replace it with a check for the current market value of the customer’s product (less shipping/tax).
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